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Harness the power of storytelling

“A compelling story is an essential component in any business endeavor.

It accelerates change, attracts and unites an audience, influences mindsets and attitudes, underlines your core beliefs, and entertains and enlightens — all the while conveying a key message.”

Mark’s story began in New Zealand and is currently set in LA and Atlanta.

Mark is a former head of production at Universal Studios Networks in London and a screen/writer, script doctor, creative mentor, producer and creative consultant for businesses. His deep appreciation and understanding of storytelling comes from a lifetime of hands-on creative and executive experience in radio, television, film, digital, crowdfunding and transmedia.

As well as Universal in both London and Los Angeles, Staufer has worked with a host of others including Disney, Turner, Foxtel, and the Mark Gordon Company.

He’s collaborated with, amongst others, Oscar winners Russell Crowe and Akiva Goldsman, and filmmakers Eli Roth (Hostel) and Josh Stewart (the Collector).

“Everyone, every thing has a story, is a story.

Knowing who you are means being able to articulate yours in a compelling and authentic way.

It is a merging of your story with your audience’s, and this powerful, new narrative is one that you both now share.

In this way, the audience and the ‘hero’ are journeying together.”

As well as mentoring talented writers and screenwriters, editing books and polishing scripts, Staufer acts as a film and television script doctor, screenwriter and creative consultant to businesses and campaigns.

Staufer’s work is always bespoke, holistic, goal-oriented, and completely confidential on request.

“To see the power of story in action, look no further than the 2016 presidential election.

One candidate constantly painted himself as the hero in an archetypical tale of good versus evil.

The other struggled to convey any narrative at all.

The unlikely candidate with the stronger story prevailed.”